Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog of the Day: Things To Do Befor I'm 30

Things To Do Before I'm 30

This is an awesome blog. Not really because of it's design or because much of it is particularly eye-catching. Because of the general purpose. For some reason, the idea of listing goals before a certain deadline has always appealed to me.

I've set a few of my own. Perhaps some day I will list them online.....

It's quite a list. My favorite goal is: 1 year of self-pictures into a time lapse video. Awesome idea!

Keep up the goals! Keep posting! GOOD LUCK!!!

Ratings -

Content: 8/10 - Cool goals, good luck!!!

Style: 6/10 - Average. Nothing special, so I can't justify anything high.... sorry....

Total rating: 9/10 - I've heard that writing about yourself, about things you've accomplished, and about things you plan to do really helps. You're off to a great start. Keep it going!

I will be checking back with your blog daily. Keep posting!

I would love to hear opinion! Leave a comment!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog of the Day: My Weird Quotes

Blog of the Day: My Weird Quotes

This is a very new, very simple blog. But, I like funny/creative quotes, and it looks like this one will be an interesting blog, routinely. So far there have been moderately frequent updates, but it may be too soon to assume that will continue. I hope it does, and I hope the frequency increases!

The design is just from a template, but that's ok because it's one of my favorite templates. Very pure, but still lacking in creativity nonetheless. I don't blame many bloggers for sticking with just a template, though. Not everyone knows XHTML and CSS!

Ratings -

Content: 8/10 - I like quotes.

Style: 6/10 - Average. Some add-ons make me happy. But I always say that.

Total rating: 7.5/10 - Nice. I'll be checking back often, and so should you, fellow readers! But don't steal his quotes....

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog of the day: iChange

Today's cool blog: iChange


It's a very neat blog. I've never seen the template, I wonder where it's from. While the style is cool, it's a bit difficult to make out the text on the side bars.... dark-on-dark can be a little difficult sometimes, but it works =)

The purpose of this blog is more wholesome than I'm used to seeing. The writer is documenting the different stages and change made according to a book about improving one's life. Keep it up!

The photos and graphics are nice, too. There is a good balance on this one between textual content and imagery.

I'll be checking back often!

Ratings -

Content: 8/10 - It seems rare to find a blog with meaningful content.

Style: 7.5/10 - I like the template =)

Total rating: 8/10 - Very nice. I'll be checking back often, and so should you, fellow readers!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog of the day - LA x SH

Today's cool blog: LA x SH


See that? It's a great, crisp blog displaying some general photos and fantastic illustrations, seasoned lightly with some text.

While there seems to be no solid posting pattern, the blog does update with new content every few days. Which is soon enough to keep me coming back if I can expect to see more cool drawings.

Right now the post numbers are low... but perhaps with a few more visitors and some appreciative comments the writer and illustrator (one in the same??? yes, I think so...) will be more willing.

I like the design, even though orange is my least favorite color (Don't ask. Unless you want to know. Then you should ask.). I'll ignore that for the time being and just appreciate the simplicity and clean cut format.

As far as raw content goes, as of now the illustrations and photos are doing enough. However, I'm hoping that in the future I'll see a little more text. Maybe I expect myself to hit an I-wanna-read-more session soon...

Rating -

Content: 7/10 - I like the graphics, I want more! And perhaps I'd like to know a little more about those characters. There must be a plot somewhere. Perhaps you could hold a blog story. Eh? Eh?

Style: 7/10 - I love basic formats. I really do. But, I would also love to see a little more jazz in the sidebar. Perhaps a "subscribe" link... maybe I'm getting picky. Or maybe I'm also a hypocritical blogger. Mine aren't exactly full of bells and whistles.

Total rating: 7/10 - I like it! I'll check back frequently.

Opinions? Comments? Anything? I want to hear from you. Yeah, you...

P.S. - I like cats. And there are pictures of a cute cat. =)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog of the Day - shooting brooklyn

Today's cool blog: shooting brooklyn


The pictures seem to be the heart of this blog, and that's wonderful. The shot are captivating, intriguing, and just plain cool. There are new pictures updated every day!

While empty in textual content, the photos fill in that blank. They're worth a thousand blog posts. =) (I couldn't resist... the over-used "thousand words" isn't good enough to describe the blog) While the design is basic and simple, it's clean and sharp. The blue-on-black has always been one of my favorite color schemes for blogs like this.

To the writer(s) and photographer(s) of shooting brooklyn, keep it up! You've been added to our blog roll!

Ratings -
Content: 8/10 - while there is no text, the photos do it all themselves.
Style: 7/10 - I like the colors =) However, I would like to see a little more of a background or layer on the background. Just an opinion =)
Total rating: 8.5/10 - Awesome. I'll be checking back often, and so should you!

I'd love to hear opinions! Leave comments!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What makes a good blog?

I've asked that question many, many times. I consistently find the same answers: a nice layout, well-written content, frequent updates, and interesting topics.

But, that's all up to an individual's interpretation, right? Right! So I really believe it's hard to judge blog quality.

I'll select the blogs to list here simply by whichever ones catch my eye. I don't know what the topics will be about, what the designs will look like, nothing.

SO if you would like to get your blog listed, or another person's blog, email the URL to

The first one (two or more maybe?) will be listed later today!


Monday, February 16, 2009

About Web Design, Blog Design, and the Internet As A Whole

A lot of people look through critical eyes at everything in life. Cars, movies, food, sports. I've got a skill to do so on websites, blogs, etc.

This blog is about the great points and flaws of whatever websites may catch my eye. I will list what is good and what is bad about these sites, and my views of how they can be improved.

Blogs analyzed here get linked in the blog list! So, if you've been used, get ready for more traffic. This blog gets a lot of hits.

Please, to all readers out there, do the following:
- Submit a URL for your website or blog by emailing
- Visit this blog and leave comments on posts regularly
- Vote in the polls on the side panel of this blog

I've been involved with web design for a decade. This will be a learning experience for you and me. Get involved!